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Browser Extensions I Can't Live Without

A list of browser extensions that took minutes to add, but made my browsing experience immeasurably better.
Browser Extensions I Can't Live Without

Dramatic title, I know, but lately I've had a few people ask me what extensions I use, and through sharing my list I've learnt of even better ones, so what better way to amplify these positive effects than to leverage the internet? 😛

Without further ado, let's jump into it.

Privacy Badger + UBlock Origin

Let's block all the ads! Sites look cleaner, load waayy faster, and pry less. These are the first extensions I install on any browser.

Hover + Unpaywall/ ByPass Paywalls

Let's block all the login/paywalls! Are you starting to see a pattern here? 😛 The web can be full of thrash sometimes. With Hover & Unpaywall, I can say goodbye to Medium and journal paywalls. If you're a fan of open source and have an extra minute to spend, check out this extension instead.

Shut Up

Sometimes when I'm consuming content, I'll be tempted to see what others are saying about it. That's... not always good. Let these xkcd comics illustrate my point:


Shut Up disables comments everywhere. When I trust a platform's audience enough to read the unfiltered outputs from their brains, I enable comments for just that site. Sometimes I turn it back off immediately 💀

Reader Mode

Occasionally, even after all these purges, the content on a site will still be ridiculously hard to read- sometimes because they used a funky font and set the size to 8px, or sometimes because there are a million other article suggestions, plus three sidebars, plus an obnoxious navigation header that never goes away. In cases like these, I just use Reader Mode.


Grammarly effortlessly corrects any pesky spelling and grammatical mistakes I make.

Video Speed Controller

Video Speed Controller allows you to control the playback speed on any site. Set the default pace to 1.10x and you'll go through videos 10% faster without even noticing. Or if you're on other end of the spectrum like me, and Youtube's 2x doesn't match your pace, set it to 2.5x+ to get through lengthy monologues as fast as possible 😼

Tab Snooze

Ran into an interesting rabbit hole or website that you'd really like to check out, but don't have the time right now? Use Tab Snooze, and it'll magically reopen the tabs later.

Google Keep/ Notion Web Clipper

I used to use Google Keep heavily before, to save snippets and links and to add my own notes to the stuff I read online, but I've started moving towards Notion these days, as it's a lot more organized. An important feature both have is that they're cross-platform, which means I can type out a fresh thought on my phone and flesh out the concept on my PC later.

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

I rarely use FB these days, and that's in large part thanks to this extension. I can just pop in to share something interesting or to tell people NOT to message me on Messenger, without being sucked in by the infinite feed.

Minimal Twitter

I do use Twitter, and this completely cleans up the interface. I mean, just look at this demo video

View Image

Brings back the view image button on Google Images! 🤗

Simplify Gmail

Recommended by Matej, this lovely extension cleans up Gmail's UI and hides the obnoxious logo.

Nerd Section

These extensions aren't for everyone, but as a developer/designer they're super nifty.

Refined Github

Super awesome extension that adds tons of features to Github.


Enable WhatFont, hover over any text on any site, and you'll instantly be shown the font family and other text properties! No more digging through CSS in Dev Tools 😤


I use these when I want a quick overview of what stack/tools a site is using. The results are pretty basic though, so if I want to dig deeper I just end up googling it.


Whenever I have a lengthy article that I want to take my time to read, like this guide on Building product-market fit with relationship marketing, I use EpubPress to turn it into an .epub that I can later read offline, usually on my Kindle.

Aand that's it! This is my list as of now. I'd be happy to discover your favorite extensions- just leave a comment. For more lists of cool stuff, you might want to check my stash. To be notified when I share other useful stuff like this, you can follow me on Twitter.