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Hiking Candos Hill (Summit 0.1)

Hiking Candos Hill (Summit 0.1)

Candos hill is probably the most frequented hiking spot in Mauritius. It's also where I started hiking, and I frequently go there when I need to lose some steam or hang out with #friends. Its popularity is likely due to its positioning (in Sodnac in the midst of apartments) and because of the Sodnac wellness park that's at its foot.

This is the 2nd easiest of my summit-conquests so far, the 1st one being Signal Mountain (since it's just a ~3.5km running track placed on a mountain).

My first ascent took about half an hour and several pauses in between, but now (2mo later) I can easily reach the top in about 15 minutes without losing my breath.

Getting there

You can access Candos Hill from two sides:

1) from Paillote (map link), near Medpoint Hospital. This is easier if you're around Vacoas/Quatre-Bornes. From my pin, you just walk straight, and eventually you'll reach the main trail.

2) from Sodnac, if the Phoenix Commercial Centre is more accessible to you.

Now from Sodnac, there's two trails:

1) the main trail— a wide, joggable trail along the shoulder of the hill. It's easier than 2) but also significantly longer. Because it's in the open, you'll find fewer bugs (and more humans) and more sunlight (less shade).

2) the shorter trail:

  • This one is inside the park— on the higher, shorter side of the running track— and has a gate at the entry, that closes in the evening (between 18:30-19:00 depending on the season, IIRC). It goes through the bushes and is steeper, shorter, and much more fun.
  • It's not really easy to get lost here— just follow along the trail & trees taped with yellow. Watch out for the loose soil in some areas. Grabbing onto the short wide-leaved shrubs (Mauritius hemp) will make the climb smoother.

From the top, you can see the Quatre-Bornes/Rose-hill area, Corps de Gardes standing majestically right across from you, while Ebene and the Moka range will be on your right.

It's pretty nice to see the sunset from here.

How many more sunsets will you have the chance to observe?