As a writer, I believe it's important to not only share your thoughts but also to receive reflections and feedback from your audience. It's especially essential for tech posts; users can notify you of outdated content, or ask about unclear instructions. Bottom line: If it doesn't go both ways, it's going to die fast - be it conversations, relationships, or blogs.

Disqus sucks.

In the past, I was using Disqus on mascii to embed comments. Disqus is slow, ugly, and has major privacy concerns. The login wall also irks me. I got rid of it after upgrading to Ghost 2.0, but I've been too lazy to find an alternative since.

New blood

After some surfing today, I discovered coral, isso, and utterances.

  • Coral looks great and has an inspiring mission, but I cannot see people going through the signing up process to comment.
  • Isso ticks all the boxes for me (Except perhaps aesthetics), but given that I have to twiddle with the server, I'm saving it for another day.
  • Utterances allows you to use Github Issues for blog comments. It's open source, looks clean, comments are stored on Github, and even comes with a dark theme. Sure, you need to sign with Github, but that's fine since most coders already have an account.

I do plan to try isso in the future, but for now, utterances it is!

Installation Steps

  1. Create a new Github public repository. This is where your comments will go.
  2. Install utterances on that repo:

3. Generate your script tag by entering your details. Copy to your clipboard.

4. Open up post.hbs from your theme's folder in an editor. Search for the comment section, which  (ironically) will be commented out:

Commented out comment section code.

5. Paste your code inside the section tag:

All done.

6. Save your changes, zip your theme, re-upload and set. Voila! Check it out below! 👇