Hi. Welcome to mascii.
mascii. is a collection of scribbles by yours truly.

I publish my life experiences and write down my thoughts about technology and other ramblings. I hate when this happens:

CR: xkcd

So I try to solve the bug for everyone and not just for myself. I hope I save you a few hours, or at least, I don't waste your time :)

About MaskyS

I'm a human.

I read code, books, and people.

What kind of code?

Open source usually. I'm part of cyberstorm.mu- a group of Mauritian developers- and we hack over food to make open source better. I also mentor for Drupal in Google Code-in. Right now, I'm really into Flutter app development.

What about books?

I started (like every other kid) with fiction- think HP, LoR, Eragon- and eventually transitioned into non-fiction- a pretty broad term, but it's fitting; I read what is relevant to me at the moment. Recently I picked up: The Gene, The Brain: A Story of You, Atomic Habits, and Can't Hurt Me.

And you hang out with?

All kinds of people. Different perspectives, different experiences, different appearances; There are amazing individuals all over the world- you just have to look to find them. One way I do that is by organize MoHack, the first and biggest student hackathon in  🇲🇺. You'll also find me at tech conferences/events. If you'd like to drop a message, you can find my socials here.

So yeah, thank you for passing by!