All about me.

Hi. Welcome to mascii.

This personal blog is a collection of my (MaskyS') scribbles.

I document my life experiences, write down my thoughts about technology, and share hacks and tidbits that I struggled to find. I hope you solve that pesky bug faster than I did.

CR: xkcd

Now, about the human on the other side. I go by MaskyS on the interwebz.

No, my username is not a reference to creepypasta. No, I don't really like masks. It's my initials jumbled up (m.a.s.k.) plus a couple more letters to ensure that nobody else has registered the username before me.

I started programming after discovering Google Code-in 3 years ago. These days, I hack over food with Cyberstorm, a group of Mauritian developers who make open source better. I also love creating apps with Flutter.

I'm also an avid book reader. If you want to fangirl with me, you may bring up Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Eragon, or any other series you find awesome. These days, I exclusively read non-fiction. Recently, I picked up: The Gene, The Brain: A Story of You, Atomic Habits, Can't Hurt Me, and Sapiens.

Finally, I like being around other homo sapiens of all varieties- the more exotic the better. People with different backgrounds,  perspectives, experiences, and appearances have immensely influenced who I am and what I know today. One way I find them is by organizing MoHack, the biggest student hackathon in 🇲🇺. This is also why you'll often find me at tech conferences/hackathons/events.

Other than that, I'm interested in cognitive science, brain-computer interfaces, and design. Here are a couple posts to know me better:

Thank you for passing by! If you'd like to drop a message, you can find my socials here. See you around.


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