About mascii.

A collection of scribbles from MaskyS, mostly obscure knowledge that could have saved you a day of debugging. Occasionally I share my experiences, or write down my thoughts about things.

About MaskyS

 I am:

  • above all, human. (in case you doubted it)
  • passionate when it comes to code, books and people
  • also passionate about staying alive
  • a Google Code-In winner (2017)
  • a Google Code-In mentor (201*)
  • a CyberStorm member
  • a Drupal contributor
  • a Flutter enthusiast
  • a Ghost fan
  • a CSE student.

Connect with me

In a pinch and need me? Send me a mail, because emails > SMS. Interested in doing business? Connect with me on LinkedIn. Feel like doing a code review or want to sprinkle some pull requests? Visit my Github. Would you like to be friends? Hit me up on Instagram (don't stalk pls). My system accepts the following languages:

  • en
  • mfe
  • fr
  • ur (rusty but still usable)
  • ta (verbal communication only; I never felt like learning 247 characters to express myself through text was worth it.)